A selection of artworks, prints and paintings, created by Anna between 2006 and 2010.


Prints and Paintings created by Anna in the last 7 years. 2010- 2017

[img src=]00Black Peak
[img src=]00Kawarau Gorge
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00Fantail over Harbour Cone
[img src=]00Horseshoe Bend
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00Rifleman and Fantail at The Heads
[img src=]00Lion Rock
[img src=]00Aoraki
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00The lonely Tui
[img src=]00Hall Arm
Acrylic on velvet
[img src=]00Inlets
[img src=]00
[img src=]00Doubtful Sound
[img src=]00Tunnel Beach
Water Colour and Acrylic Paint on Board