Art for Sale

Anna is both a printmaker and a painter. She enjoys the challenge and unpredictability of printmaking , where she works predominantly in drypoints but she also uses the techniques collagraphy and chine collé. Anna uses multiple plates to increase the textures and depth of colour within the work.

The plates are inked by hand and the image transferred onto paper via an etching press. Normally one-off prints are produced however, if an edition is made it is always limited to five.

Anna’s paintings are primarily acrylic and are texturally created on board. This surface allows vigorous sanding and scrubbing between layers of paint. She also utilises mixed media, where printmaking plates are dropped over a painting. Charcoal and conté crayon are often applied in the final layer.

Annas prints are all fine art prints which are created on acid free paper imported form Germany.

Please click on the arrows below to view the artwork for sale. If you would like to know the medium, dimensions etc, click on the ‘i’ on the top right corner of the image. If you would like to know more or are interested in purchasing, please contact Anna on 0274 370 583 or at home 03 471 0444.


Work currently available for sale

[img src=]00St Martins Island from the water
Acrylic on Board
Dimensions 1000 x 300mm
[img src=]00Prevailing Wind 2/5
Collagraph and Dry Point Print
Dimensions 800 x 650mm
[img src=]00Otago Peninsula Memorial
Acrylic on Board
Dimensions 1200 x 650mm
[img src=]00Headlands From St Clair
Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions 1520mm x 1370mm
[img src=]00Lion Rock from Highcliff Road
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions 1300 x 1100mm
[img src=]00Hoopers and Papanui Inlets
Acrylic on Board
Dimensions 1400 mm x 920mm
[img src=]00St Bathans
Acrylic on Board
[img src=]00Karitane Coastline
Dry point print (ink on Paper)
Dimensions 850mm x 950mm
[img src=]00Sandstone Cliffs above Tunnel Beach
Dry Point Print
850mm x 950mm
[img src=]00Above and Beyond Harbour Cone
Dry Point Print (ink on Paper)
Dimensons 850mm x 950mm
[img src=]00Collaboration
Medium; Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas
Dimensions; 750mm x 750mm
[img src=]00Hawea 4/5
Medium: Collagraph Print with Tissue and Ink on paper
[img src=]00Purakanui Beach
Medium: Collagraph Print on Paper
Dimensions: 850mmx700mm